About Felix de Rooy
Born november 3th 1952 on Curacao from Surinamese parents.
Formative years in American High school in Mexico City. Studied painting and graphic art at Psychopolis Academy The Hague.
Founder of Ilushon Kosmiko theatre company later with Norman the Palm as Cosmic theatre in Amsterdam. 
Director of many theatre productions, many with international tours.
Graduated from NYU filmschool in 1982 and directed award wining feature films (Almacita di Desolato 1985, Ava & Gabriel 1990) and many documentaries often in relation to exhibits he curated.
White on Black, (Images of Blacks in popular Western Culture (1989/1990) Art of Survival ( Marroon Art from Suriname (2009) in the Tropenmuseum Amsterdam.
Heritage of Slavery 2003 at the Wereldmuseum Rotterdam (2003/2004), Curacao (2006) and Suriname (2007). Influences 2002 at the National Theatre in Ghana.
Museum Savonet Curacao (2010) and Antepasado di Futuro (100 years of visual arts in
Curacao, 2010). Last but not least, 100 Years Refinery for NAAM at Willemstad, Curaçao (2016).
He has been awarded the Premio Cola Debrot and is Ridder in de orde van Oranje–Nassau.

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