Dear people, it’s been quite a ride and I’m so proud to present to you the trailer of Nomad in No Man’s Land, which will have its world premiere coming Saturday at the Curacao International Filmfestival.
I couldn’t have made this movie without the support of my dear friends, awesome sponsors and my fantastic producer. Thank you for all your support and trust!
First of all: Felix de Rooy El Maestro himself. His circle of friends and family in the film Marguerite de Rooy, Barbara Martijn, Norman de Palm, René Wissink, Glenn Helberg, Ernest Dickerson, Helen Kamperveen, Maarten van Hinte, Charl Landvreugd, Floris Guntenaar. My rock Roberto Tjon-A-Meeuw, my sweet friends Mirjam Marks and Diederik Samwel THANK YOU VOOR ALLES, you know! Producer Tangerine Tree: Willem Baptist, Nienke Korthof en Manon Tsang, ‘opgeven is geen optie’, editor Sander Cijsouw, mijn reddingsboei-dit was onvergetelijk-it was always about how can we make more magic, Borinka and Shamrock for the great poster and all the other things, lobi! Cliff San-A-Jong for letting me use your painting. De postproductie posse: sound designer Diego van Uden, colorist Ramon de Jong, graphic designer Carl Ariza, post-productie coördinator Rob Maas, vertaalster Josette Kölker. Additonal crew: camera Selwyn de Wind, sound Marzouk Magouz, Neldrick Martis, Anneloes Pabbruwee. You all rock! Felix’ prachtige alter-ego dancer Justin Brown en voice-over Steven Hooi. Een heel speciaal dank je wel voor Michael Elias en een groot dank je wel voor alle sponsoren: Terob NV, Fonds Ars Antilliani, PBCCG, Port’i Heru Publications, Stichting Curaçao Style. Met grote dank aan NPO en Omroep Zwart. Everybody who helped with archival footage and Jorina de Palm, thank you for diggin’ up these wonderful pics. Everybody who took their time to talk to me for research or interviews or who participated in any other way. THANK YOU!
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